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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

"If you read a lot nothing is as great as you've imagined

Venice is - Venice is better." I am completely with Fran Lebotwitz on this one. I left Venice on a complete high (emotional not substance induced.) The combination of good food, friendly people and beautiful surroundings was perfecto. The city of Venice is like no where else I've ever been: colourful, creaking, mysterious and incredibly romantic. I loved it.I'd spent my last evening in Murano with the waiters from my favourite restaurant, Restaurant B They insisted I stayed for drinks with them after my meal so I tore myself away Mr Gatsby and sat at the bar whilst the boys poured me shots in between serving the other customers. After many drinks the lovely Michele asked if I would like to see Venice at night from his boat. The "teacher travelling on a budget" side of me immediately clocked that this would be a free night tour of Venice that would ordinarily cost many gelati. However I  politely declined explaining 'I have three brothers. They said don't get in boats with men at night...' The Venice high had slightly worn off after my train to Como was delayed and I spent 6 hours on a train with no food, no aircon and a group of the loudest nuns you could possibly imagine. I thought they were perhaps a hen do but then they said they were going to Vatican City which doesn't seem like the classic hen do destination. I finally arrived in Como and was greeted by two of my favourite people and a glass of Presecco by the pool. This made it all better.Como was beautiful. A combination of Capeside (of Dawson's Creek) and Jurassic Park - with extra gelato and fewer dinosaurs. It was a nice break from the city, although we were generally surrounded by families with children called Tarquin and Soya. My Leeds girls are perhaps some of the most organised and quick thinking people I know, it makes them ideal travelling companions and they pretty much took the reins during Como for which I was very grateful. 

Last night in Murano Lake Como

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