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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Where Is The Tree?

Milan was fine. That will remain the official party line for the rest of the tour. I got a little/a lot eaten by bugs at the Bates Motel. 'Micehalangelo', the slightly overly attentive manager, wrote 'I Love Zoe' in a cappuccino on my arrival and presented me with a bottle of wine as I left... He also said 'Why go to Venice? It stinks. Stay in Milan.' I didn't. I also didn't drink the wine...

In stark contrast I have been in Murano for less than 24 hours and i'm already willing to declare it 'My Favourite Place In The World, Ever.' It's just ridiculously, effortlessly beautiful. It's very quiet, there's just a handful of restaurants, one supermarket, one bank etc... From the moment I stepped off the boat it was as if somebody had reached into my head and found my imaginary wish list of criteria: "Right guys she wants beautiful buildings, a smattering of small but decent restaurants, a friendly baker who says 'ciao bella' when she walks in, a garden to read in when it's hot... And a man on the bridge playing the accordion. She'd like him to be playing that Italian song she likes, no she doesn't remember what it's called. Apparently she heard it on an advert."

I was disappointed to see people working in the bank and at the supermarket. Of course people need jobs it's just in my mind the people that live here would all be glass blowers, book binders and unicorn farmers. You can't live in Murano and stack shelves in a supermarket for a living, it would be like being a cleaner at Hogwarts. There are fewer English speaking Italians here so I've been able to practise my Italian. I've done quite well so far with only one major cock up. Without going into detail all you need to know is that the italian word for hotel is 'albergo' and the word for tree is 'albero' - this has not been helpful...

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